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How to profit ?

Why there is profit?

The product idea is to help eliminate the spread of harmful pathogens in any environment. Meanwhile, an HD LCD screen is on the top for displaying information of healthy conscious, commercial advertisement…..It’s High ROI (Return on Investment) is mostly because of,

–the innovative combination of signage and dispenser, it’s a new way to reach out and communicate with your customers;

–it can be placed in any high traffic area for maximum advertising effectiveness. Think of the possibilities: Airport, shopping mall, school, hospital, retail stores, restaurants, corporate office buildings….

–exclusivity, once you have the exclusive agent right from us, you have all the contacts of your country that interests in this business from us, that means you can do a unique business chain in your region.

Then how to profit?

I: profits on brand commercial advertising , media .etc

II: Profits by rent to short term public applications , trade shows, etc

III:Profits by reselling to the long term applications ; hospital ,airport or other project .


If you are looking for any new business in 2017, hand sanitizer billboard is obviously a must-try. The door to wealth is open for you!


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