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Commercial Tablet PC with Newest Android OS

Commercial Tablet PC serves to educate customers in commercial environment.
With its WiFi and ethernet internet connectivity to ensure you connect to the CMS system to update the messages.
Its multi touch screen provide the great interactive experience .With it,
There is no more distance between your products and consumers. With our tablet in retail store you can create a complete system and have them interact with your brand in a way that is proven to increase sales and brand awareness.

Optional Size Commercial Tablet PC


Commercial Tablet PC

Touch screen interactive big Commercial Tablet PC

Unlike a TV or some other traditional digital signage solutions on the marketplace .
This series is designed especially for Interactive needs.
The sensitive capacitive touch screen bring you a great experience in multi pplications.

Cloud based content updating

The content management system (CMS) allow you to log in from PC to update, schedule and manage all the tablet on your work.



Customize feature

Built with rooted android system.
That allows you to install your own 3rd party APK to fit your different needs .
No limitation in modifying the android system, you can do any change you want.



Optional to add front camera

This commercial tablet PC can be add a front HD camera










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