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Poster with hand sanitizer dispenser

Easy post replace content
The frame fix on the poster via magnet, Easy take out the old post and put the new one in.


Optional colors

Normal color: White, Grey; Customized color is available.


Unit Size:1165*368*160mm

Features of Poster
1. The snap frame that holds your poster can be opened by hand from the front for quick change.
2. The frame for poster is 410x230mm
3. The front panel is locked;
4. Posters are placed behind a sheet of anti-glare transparent acrylic for protection.

Wall mount / Floor standing
Provide two way for installation based on customer requirements.

Features of Dispenser:
Auto Dispense: Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross infection;
Power Supply: Work by 4pcs AA battery or DC adapter;;
Auto Identify: Identify the disinfectant automatically, only work for the authorized one;(Optional)
Dispensing Life: The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times;

Soap/Disinfectant Bottle
Volume: 3600ml
Dispense Volume: 0.4-0.8ml for Liquid Soap, 1.0-2.0ml for water-free hand sanitizer
Pump: Standard pump for Liquid Soap, and Pump for Gel or Foam is optional

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