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Network Digital Signage FAQ

Network Digital Signage FAQ

Can I change the WiFi digital model on the screen by computer

Yes, you could make your own programs by computer. One server (computer) could control many players even they are in different places while playing the same program at the same time.

How could I install android display?

Both table stand or wall mount is ok.

What type of touch screen do you offer?

We offer 10 points capacitive touch screen. We have 46 inch Samsung panel, 8mm bezel, 450nits brightness;
55 inch 3.5mm, 5.3mm Samsung or LG panel, 450nits brightness.

Does it support the WiFi?

Yes, the network advertising display support WiFi, and to realize the remote control by WiFi.

How does the software update the displays screen remotely by WiFi?

Installing on computer and connect to the display by WiFi, and then files could be downloaded from the server.

Do you do Linux OS or Android system?

Yes, we usually do Android system. Android system support website visiting.

Will the current mounting hole that is in the tablet right now still be there?

NO, the device with VESA will not have the current mounting hole.

Does it have touch interface?

Some advertising display haven’t touch function.
I’ll advice you to customize advertising display with touch function, it is more useful and convenience for user.

Could I install APK to the LCD monitor?

Yes, with rooted Android, it could support to install APK.

What is IR touch 2 / 4 touch panel?

The IR Touch means  the infrared touch  ( one of the touch technology name) . 2/4 /8 point , meaning there are multi touch  for instance 2 point you can touch 2 positions at same time on the panel.
Normally , 4 points would be regular.

Is it touch screen?

Yes, it is with capacitive touch screen.

Why don’t you send 1 Dongle for each display where a dongle is needed?

Usually for one country, 1 dongle is enough, because you just need one server, then you can control all the displays. If each display has a dongle, then it’s meaningless for the remote control, you know we offered you the software for free of charge, and include 1 dongle, if you need each dongle for each display, maybe need to pay the extra cost for the dongles.

Can videos be programmed for every unit?

Yes, videos can be programmed for every unit when using remote server (Android version).

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