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Kerchan quarterly commendation conference was held ceremoniously

October ushered in the third quarter commendation conference, which is a glorious moment of success.Also,it’s a time of hard work and harvest.It was Kerchan’s homage to the victors and the victors.In the begainning of ceremony,with the music sounded, everyone seated. from a review of the video, we see the happy and team show of team work and life in the third quarter.Next is the most exciting moment of the award.More than a dozen awards were awarded, including the personal sales champion, the sales champion team, the million celebrity award and the anniversary,

The winner of the personal sales champion is may with outstanding personal performance and outstanding personality charm.While she stood on this stage,

we pay tribute to her!Eagle Team is the Sales Champion this month. They are a 3-member team who in charge of marketing big size. They work together, learn together, make progress together. That’s the secret for success!

Two members joined our Million Palace this quarter. One is Elsa, sales manager of Dragon Team, who in charge of selling Hand Sanitizing Billboard; Another one is the leader of Eagle Team named Judy. They walked on the red carpet with our yield and applause like famous stars ! We took pictures for memorized and respect them as our idol.

Finally, we celebrate for 4 members Anniversary in KERCHAN. Three of them have been here for 1 year and the rest one has worked here for 2 years. We thanks for their efforts and times in KERCHAN which help us a lot to move forward with creativeness and power. Hopefully, more and more KERHAN members have their happy one year, two years or even three years memory here moving together with KERCHAN towards a brighter future !
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