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Kerchan Christmas Happiness

A fresh evergreen tree decorated with lights and ornaments, the gorgeous color balloon, Christmas gift shows that
Christmas is coming.
Today, December 24, all sales of Kerchan gathered here to share the greetings and attend the Christmas Game .  The event is hosted by  power bank team in kerchan .1 2The event started with a simple but exciting game, “ Pass Straw looply”. The group #3 won the game rapidly while the
group #2 are still playing this game to a  “kiss game”. 3After this wonderful game, “blow the Balloon to be exploded ” is coming up. a beautiful girl, name of Iron girl, Judy seems very good at it and make the balloon like the firecrackers burst.
Her great jobs not only help their team won out this game, but also push the event to a high climax. 4The most wonderful game, “Wink the Cookie to Your mouth” finally showed up.
The group #1 did good job and excellent
performance on whole games, They won this game by their stability expression, which also made them be the final
winner of the whole game event.
Congratulations! 5Celebrating Christmas with these wonderful games, not only relax all of us, also inspired the salesman to create more miracles in the last few days of PK in 2014.

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