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KERCHAN 10 YEARS—Like a journey , we are on the way to success

Time flies, 10 years past . Trees blooming , buildings growing. KERCHAN has been founded for 10 years and is now strong and prosperous . We grew with the progress in technology, service and professionalism . . We are now one of the top 10 leading manufacturer in digital signage advertising display who has business partners all over the world .

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary, we go for a trip to Qingyuan, a city in Guangdong province. We spent two days travelling there with an enjoyable time in hot spring, climbing mountains . It’s a leisure time after busy weekdays. We held a photographing competition among four teams . Photos help to memorize the scenery and our happy hours together. Far away from the city, everyone felt relaxed and enjoyable . And beside this, we helped each other during climbing which is a good way to express our love to each other.
Happy time flies and we go back to Shenzhen, with our happy smile left there. We have team and family here. Strongly believe that , all of us can be more focus on working after this leisure enjoyable time.
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