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Small Signage FAQ

Push Button Signage FAQ

How many buttons does the advertising player have?

Standard the advertising player can support 6 buttons, 4 buttons to control videos, 2 buttons to control volume, you can choose to have 1-6 buttons.

What is about the push button?

When you press the button ,it will auto play the video. we can add function for the buttons on the side if you need it. Standard player can support 6 buttons, 4 buttons to control videos, 2 buttons to control volume, you can choose to have 1-6 buttons.

Is it easy to upload to the screen?

Yes, for poster, you could just change it;
For signage, SD card / USB is easy to change the content.

Are you sure that it can built-in battery function on rechargeable?

Yes, we have done such cases, and we will provide sample for you to test first.

Can you find a 12v to 5v converter with the right connection to the device?

Yes, we can help to find a 12v to 5v connector to make sure you can use it well.

Is it possible to make the power cord longer with the converter no in the middle of the cable?

The cable can be longer with DC part, since AC part is produced with a fixed mode.

Does the devise plays built in speaker?

Yes, it with good quality built in speaker.

Does the digital signage plays stills and video?

This digital signage not only can play video but also can play image.

What is the internal memory size?

Internal memory is 1-2G optional.

Can be installed in the internal memory or SD card about videos?

For the standalone version, the videos needs to be installed in the SD card or USB driver, and then you plug SD card or USB driver into the unit. It will play automatically after power on.
For the Android version, videos will be installed in the server.

Does the advertising player need power connection?

Yes, it need to power connection. It can be adapt to your country power.

How long is the battery life.

The battery life depend on the battery attribute: capacity and efficiency. For example, suppose the D battery you test with 1.5V / 10000 mAH, 8 pcs battery with 6V / 10000 mAh *2, and efficiency 70~80%. 1 A= 1 000 mA= 1 000 000 uA. For 7″ SAD0705K, consumption (standby) 5V/<1 mA, consumption (playing) 5V/450-550 mA;
8 pcs battery can last playing: 20000 mAh / 550 mA * 0.7= 25.5 H

Do I download the video into the machine?

The internal memory will be inconvenient for you to update the contents. So I recommend you to use the SD card, you can download the video into the SD card for the machine.


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