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External Speaker

To avoid muffler of internal speaker inside custom display.External-speaker-750

The external speakers are very important accessories of the advertising displays, especially for the open frame advertising displays.

Compare with the built-in speakers, the external speakers have bigger volume and better sound quality.

You can choose different size and shape of the external speakers because there is no limit for the space.

Tell us if you need built in speakers or external speakers before you confirm the order, we will choose the right speakers for your based on your requirements.

Compatible with all kerchan open frame digital signage display.


SAD0705K-title7″ open frame digital signage display
SAD1560k-title15.6″ open frame display

21.5″ metal case open frame display

SAD1850K-title18.5″ metal case open frame digital signage
SAD1030K-title10.1″ open frame digital signage




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