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Customized Small Digital Signage for Retail

frontCustomized Small Digital Signage for Retail

In past 3 month we Kerchan customized this small digital signage for retail .The design owner is our customer.We never re-sell it to any other.It used in shopping mall or store on shelf. Display their own brand products content and tutorial.

Display what audiences want

Colorful customized front panel with 4 push buttons , One button play one folder content.Yes, audience can be select what they want to learn.It will standby once the content display completely until the buttons be pushed again.


easy-battery-replaceBattery powered never stop

There have a battery pack inside, 24 pcs AA batteries can keep the digital signage for retail play advertising content to more than 1 month. You never be worry the signage will down, because new battery replace is easy and quick once the batteries are empty.


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