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Hand Sanitizer Billboards

Wall mounting 21.5 inch Hand Sanitizing Android Billboard with Metal Housing

  • Model No.: DSD2150AM
  • 3rd party APK is supported to run
  • Auto dispense gel, foam or other liquid for washing hand
  • Sanitizer is easy to be refilled
  • Metal Housing
  • Options available:
    -21.5″ Interactive Android tablet embedded
    -21.5″ Standalone LCD screen embedded
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Floor Standing 21.5” Android Display with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Printer

  • Model Number:DSD2150AF
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 21.5 inch android tablet embedded
  • Automatic dispenser for washing hand
  • Floor standing design
  • Coupon printer
  • Support Installing 3rd Party APK
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Automatic Soap Dispenser with Advertising Screen

  • precise sensing
  • Drip trays
  • Easy refill
  • A 3600ml bottle
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Poster with hand sanitizer dispenser


  • Model Number: ADD1900
  • Wall mount / Floor standing
  • Auto Dispense by Sensor
  • 410x230mm poster
  • LED back light optional

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