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21.5″ Advertising Display With Brochure Holder

SAD2150(1) SAD2150 (2) SAD2150 (3) SAD2150 (4) SAD2150 (5) SAD2150 (6)The 21.5″ advertising display with brochure holder.

Product description:

1. Advertising display with Brochure Holders are a propaganda tool of the business and the most effective advertising manners.
2. They are ideal for many different magazines, brochures, or any other information you wish to advocate or display.
3. The brochure holder with LCD advertising screen can be used as a portable display equipment with wheels.
4. And it is also suitable for a more permanent magazine holder in many locations, such as trade shows,banks and retail stores.
5. It is simple and convenient,quick for reading and easy to be assembled.
6. It plays an important role in showing goods and conveying information.


1. Full viewing angle, support 1080P full HD video.
2. With fashionable iphone style.
3. Unique design for the structure: LCD screen+brochure holder.
4. With optional wheels which help you move the item freely.
5. Standalone/Network version optional.

Benefits and advantages:

1. Easy to operate.
2. Widely used in bank, hospital, school, shopping malls, government offices, supermarket etc as set per your requirements.
3. Used for rental purpose to earn extra money.


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