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2015 New Year Party of Kerchan was held in 2nd,Feb.2015

2015 New Year Party of Kerchan was held in Shenzhen Baoyue Hotel on 2nd,Feb.2015

All shows were created by Kerchan families, during the whole meeting under the amazing guidance of four amazing hosts.


Besides,during the Annual Meeting,many rewards awarded,like “Annual Top Salesman”,”Annual Top Sales Team”,”Annual Best Old Staff”,
”Annual Best New Staff”,”etc. DSC_5986_03

Also,every Kerchan families won a prize in a lottery,prize were LCD TV,Huawei mobile phone,DVD,branded watch,
power bank,etc.


In addition,in 2014,two excellent staff won a share from Kerchan,we hope in 2015,more staff will win a share,and this is
also the thing our CEO Simon wishes. DSC_5986_05

Anyway,the shows which were created by Kerchan families was the best highlight in the whole meeting.

Last,all people enjoyed the dinner and Photo taken.Every people spent a wonderful happy night.
Kerchan surely will share more with our customers,partners and staff in the future.

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