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SAD0403S 4.3"Lower Cost Version Cardboard Video Player

1. Play mode: single repeat playback of memory content.
2. Support auto copy function: USB files can be
automatically COPY to the memory.
3. Support the human body sensing or pressing the button,
and the sensor can play one time or press once to play
the mode once.
4. Stylish and beautiful, easy to operate.
5. There are three versions of the model can be selected,
    1) with buttons:
    2) with human motion sensor:
    3)looping video simply
LCD Size 4.3inch Material PVC material process
Resolution 800*480 Installation Velcro or double-sided tape stuck to the back of the machine.
Display Ratio 16:9 Standard Color White
Brightness (nits) 150cd/m2 Vedio Format MP4
Response Time 1s Life (hrs) 20000
CPU E200 Working Humidity 85%
Memory SDRAM 128M Storage Temperature -20℃~80℃
Working Temperature 0℃~60℃    
Speaker Size:28MM*5MM,speakers 8R 1W Size 109.22 mm
4.3 in
External Port Support U flash disk Weight 0.35kg(This weight is for reference only)
Iinterface DC-USB Packing 10 pcs/carton  Carton weight:3.25kg(This weight is for reference only)
Input 100-240V Output DC 5V
Power 2.5W    

1.Spend least money to get the best result of your brand awareness and customer educating
2.It is worthwhile even for 1 time promotional use
3.Build with 128MB internal memory
4.Power adapter or battery pack power supply according to customer needs
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